Modern, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro & Musical Theatre

Modern, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro & Musical Theatre

Autumn 2022 Term Dates

12 weeks  Monday 12th September – 12th December
Half Term w/c 24th October


Pre Primary TapSaturday9:00 - 9:30Swinnerton Hall
Primary TapSaturday10:05 - 10:35Swinnerton Hall
Grade 1 TapSaturday11:05 - 11:45Swinnerton Hall
Grade 2 TapSaturday12:30 - 13:15Swinnerton Hall
Grade 3 TapSaturday14:10 - 14:55Swinnerton Hall
Grade 4 TapWednesday18:45 - 19:30Swinnerton Hall
Grade 5 TapMonday19:00 - 19:45Swinnerton Hall
Grade 6 Tapcoming soon!
Intermediate TapWednesday19:30 - 20:15Swinnerton Hall
Advanced 1 Tapcoming soon!
Adult Complete Beginners TapWednesday20:00 - 20:45Kingston Methodist Church
Adult Beginners TapMonday20:30 - 21:15Swinnerton Hall
Adult Improvers TapMonday19:45 - 20:30Swinnerton Hall


Little Moverscoming soon!Swinnerton Hall
URC Twickenham
Primary ModernSaturday9:30 - 10:00Swinnerton Hall
Grade 1 ModernSaturday10:35 -11:05Swinnerton Hall
Grade 2 ModernSaturday11:45 -12:30 Swinnerton Hall
Grade 3 Modern Saturday13:15 - 14:00Swinnerton Hall
Grade 4 Modern Wednesday17:15 - 18:00Swinnerton Hall
Grade 5 Moderncoming soon!Swinnerton Hall
Grade 6 ModernMonday18:15 - 19:00Swinnerton Hall
Intermediate ModernMonday17:15 - 18:00Swinnerton Hall
Advanced 1 ModernWednesday20:15 - 21:00Swinnerton Hall


Junior JazzMonday16:45 - 17:30Swinnerton Hall
Bronze Jazz AwardWednesday18:00 - 18:45 Swinnerton Hall
Silver Jazz AwardWednesday16:30 - 17:15Swinnerton Hall


Monday16:00 - 16:45Swinnerton Hall
Thursday19:30 - 20:15Swinnerton Hall

Acro and Musical Theatre

Mini Acro & Musical TheatreSaturday11:45 - 12:45Kingston Methodist Church
Junior Acro & Musical TheatreSaturday12:45 - 14:15Kingston Methodist Church
Senior Acro & Musical TheatreSaturday14:15 - 15:45Kingston Methodist Church

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