Term Dates & FAQs


Summer 2022 Term Dates

12 weeks  Tuesday 19th April – Monday 18th July
Half Term w/c 30th May

*NB Marymount classes break up on Friday 17th June

*International Youth Arts Festival at The Rose Theatre 3rd July

*Little Movers Dance show Sunday 17th July 10-12pm

*Exams w/c 18th July

*Summer Dance Club
25th – 28th July

Autumn 2022 Term Dates

12 weeks  Monday 12th September – 10th December
Half Term w/c 24th October

Exams TBC

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a collection of questions which families looking to join Danceforce often ask us. We hope the answers are useful but please do not hesitate to get in touch with any further queries.

What do I wear for the trial lesson?

Bare feet and leggings / T-shirt would be fine to wear for a trial lesson, then uniform can be purchased through Danceforce on enrolling.

Do I get to watch the class?

We have specially designated end of term watching days as we find that children focus and settle much quicker without a parent in the room.

How often do the children partake in shows?

We hold our Little Movers display every July for Nursery ballet, Reception ballet, Pre Primary ballet, Primary modern.

Every 2 – 3 years we organise a big show for the rest of the school to perform in a theatre.

When do I pay?

After the trial lesson,  fees and registration are due before the next class.
From then on invoices are emailed out soon after a half term break.

Students are automatically re-enrolled each term unless we receive a half term’s notice of stopping a class.

When can my child take exams?

We organise exam sessions at the end of most terms. This enables students to take an exam when they are ready, as at Danceforce we understand that children all develop and peak at different times.

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